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Radio Antechamber The space we inhabit is not just built of walls. One of those spatial matters, which we don’t see but feel with the body and the head, is sound. Sound, which is also the place for words, is a fundamental dimension of architecture. By presenting this perceptive dimension of space, this exhibition explores the ways in which architecture constructs our everyday experience of space and the environment. The exhibition’s central component is a recording studio that, from February to September 2022, will host Rádio Antecâmara, a radio that broadcasts architecture and uses radio waves and digital circuits to question and expand notions of the city, fighting for making the city a heterogeneous place of encounter and discovery. In orbit around the performative and inhabited space of the studio, the contents of the exhibition will demonstrate how sound shapes our perception of space and that the matter of buildings is not always visible. Curators Alessia Allegri and Pedro Campos Costa Source: https://www.ccb.pt/evento/radio-antecamara-espacos-sonoros/2022-03-08/

On the first Sunday of the month, Castelo de São Jorge prepares a visit to its Museum Centre. During this visit, we talk about a play, a historical period or a theme in the history of the Castle. The collection present in this museum center reflects the evolution of the city and its experiences, presenting objects, artefacts and vestiges that are crucial for understanding the history of the city. The collection includes pieces from the 5th century BC to the 18th century. Source: https://agendalx.pt/events/event/visita-ao-nucleo-museologico-do-castelo/

Tony Conrad (Concord, New Hampshire, USA, 1940 – Cheektowaga, New York, 2016) was one of the biggest names in experimentalism in Western art in the last fifty years. His work covers areas as diverse as music, installation, painting or cinema, and his works are critical and humorous responses to the most varied normative aspects of culture. For this exhibition, included in a tour whose last appearance took place at MAMCO, in Geneva, several of his most important works were brought together, including the Yellow Movies (1972-73) or the installations Panopticon (1988) and WiP (2013). , but also a set of the “acoustic tools” he invented and some of the works in which he wanted to dissect the functioning of contemporary media and institutions. The historic The Flicker (1966) will also be present in this anthology, with two presentations of this landmark of structuralist cinema being planned in the auditoriums of Culturgest. Throughout his public career, Conrad’s works have been shown in exhibitions at the Museum of Modern Art, Tate Modern, L.A. Museum of Contemporary Art, Whitney Museum of American Art, Documenta or the Venice Biennale. This is the first exhibition of this unavoidable figure of contemporaneity in our country. Source: […]

Daniel Dewar (Forest of Dean, UK, 1976) and Grégory Gicquel (Saint-Brieuc, France, 1975) began their artistic collaboration in the late 1990s, while they were still university students. Their journey began with the presentation in public space, and without prior announcement, of long-term performances (the eight hours of work) in which they reproduced, over and over again, the same gestures or the same apparently simple and mundane actions, as bounce a ball on the floor or eat ice cream. This idea of ​​commitment and task was combined, shortly afterwards, with an obsession with productive autonomy and independence from all types of third-party services, a circumstance that launched them on an epic journey to recover traditional crafts such as terracotta work, wood , stone or textile, and even for the design of the very instruments with which they transform these materials. The result of this work offers us glimpses of a world in everything similar to ours, only slightly distorted: enlarged, fragmented, duplicated, merged, failed, mixed, metamorphosed, as if these objects were instances of a parallel universe where the absurd is not sign of an existential anguish but precisely the opposite. Source: https://www.culturgest.pt/pt/programacao/daniel-dewar-gregory-gicquel/

Strangeness first and curiosity later: these were the ingredients that allowed the intercultural dialogue that gave rise to the introduction of original iconographic themes and repertoires that are reflected in the works of art present in the Portuguese Presence Exhibition in Asia. Thus, objects from India, produced from European models, but with local techniques and raw materials – to initially satisfy an ecclesiastical clientele and, later, orders from European noble and bourgeois elites – are manifested here in the liturgical implements, textiles, jewellery, furniture, ivory objects, safes, counters, revealing the symbolism and symbiosis of the two cultures. The same happened in Japan, where the contacts established between the Japanese and the first Portuguese, gave rise to a unique artistic manifestation known as “namban art” of which the screens, counters, oratories, helmet and stirrups are eloquent examples. The great fascination exercised by Chinese and Japanese cultures, since the 16th century, remained until the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century, with Portuguese intellectuals Camilo Pessanha and Manuel Teixeira Gomes, who became reference figures in the art of collecting. By collecting iconic objects from these cultures – such as scroll paintings, Chinese painting albums, costumes, objects for scholars, Chinese snuff […]

Premiere of Animal Sentimental, Mísia’s new project. Feelings, that ineffable material that inspires poets and artists from so many other areas, are treasures that only weigh on the soul. Misia is well aware of this. This female artist, fado singer, singer, actress, storyteller of her own and others, is the first to admit that she is a sentimental animal The expression serves as the title of a new album, released worldwide on April 29, guided by herself and Wolf-Dieter Karwatky, an award-winning German producer who has worked with some of the biggest names in classical music, collected Grammys and added projects from success stamped by Deutsche Grammophon, a new chapter in an acclaimed career spanning three decades and with wide international recognition. This new project is part of an ambitious triptych: the disc; a book that, she guarantees, will be made up of poetic episodes and humorous and sentimental moments, of small tragedies of a long life path that goes back to childhood memories and which, from 1991 onwards, began to be fixed on increasingly successful records. and artistic ambition; and the concert, debuting at the Museu do Oriente, the opportunity to take all that – the stories and songs, […]

EVANESCENCE concert in Portugal rescheduled for April 18, 2022. EVANESCENCE announced the rescheduling of the tour «The Bitter Truth», which adds to the presentation of the new album of originals, the same name, the celebration of 25 years of a career full of successes. Due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, Portugal will now host EVANESCENCE on April 18, 2022, at Altice Arena. Vocalist Amy Lee shared with fans her frustration caused by this postponement, but leaves words of encouragement and hope: “Well… guys, we have to postpone the tour, one more time. It’s awful to have to prolong the wait, but we’re absolutely determined to do it, so please check out the new dates. We’ll count the days until we can finally celebrate all the new music together. Until then, stay safe, stay sane and keep head banging to The Bitter Truth! You’ll have no excuse for not knowing all the words next spring! We love you!“. Tickets purchased for the EVANESCENCE concert initially scheduled for October 9, 2021 are valid for the new date, April 18, 2022. Two-time GRAMMY Award winners, EVANESCENCE soon made a huge impact on everyone. Their debut album, “Fallen”, released in 2003, spent 43 weeks […]

“Lar Doce Lar”, the show that brought together for the first time on stage Joaquim Monchique and Maria Rueff, returns for a new season at Teatro Maria Matos from 7 April. Two elderly women who share a room at the Anturios Dourados Senior Residence embark on a wild competition for a private room after the “departure” of its previous occupant. With the comic brilliance that we are used to, Maria Rueff and Joaquim Monchique unfold into multiple characters and take us on a troubled and hilarious journey through the four corners of this sweet home. “Lar Doce Lar” originally premiered in 2012. With a vibrant text, reinforced by the vivacity and intelligence of Rueff and Monchique’s interpretations, it quickly achieved a great success with the public that would be repeated in 2015. This year the doors of the Anturios Dourados Residence will open again and offer another opportunity to witness live the enormous talent of two absolutely unavoidable names in national comedy. Text from What Matters Is That They Be Happy! by Luisa Costa Gomes Directed by António Pires Scenario F. Ribeiro Dino Alves costumes Drawing by Luz Paulo Sabino With Maria Rueff and Joaquim Monchique Source: https://teatromariamatos.pt/event/lar-doce-lar/

The Gaiteiros de Lisboa have strong connections to an important part of the history of Portuguese music, having played with people as diverse as José Afonso, José Mário Branco, Sérgio Godinho, Fausto or even Trovante and Sétima Legião. When they emerged with the now classic Invasões Barbaras, in 1995, Gaiteiros de Lisboa revolutionized Portuguese popular music, respecting the roots, but daring to look to the future. Since then, they have edited a series of works highly applauded by the specialized critics: Bocas do Inferno (1997), Macaréu (2002), Sátiro (2005), Avis Rara (2012) and Bestiário (2019) have always won prominent places in the lists of best works. of their respective years, a sign of a high degree of quality that runs through all their work. And this is exactly the starting point for the new show, a creative journey through some of the most remarkable moments of a work that extends beyond the official discography – Os Demônios do Meu Avô is a stop motion film that is inspired by figures by one of the masters of figuration from Barcelos, Rosa Ramalho, for which the Gaiteiros created the soundtrack, from which material will also be produced for a concert that is, […]

Principezinho is back and will be on stage at Teatro Maria Matos from March 12th. After the success it had in 2018, Universal Music Portugal brings back to Portugal the musical O Principezinho (winner of the prize for Best Play for Children at the Pumpkin Awards 2018), a stage version of the famous work by French author Antoine de Saint-Exupéry which tells the story of a boy with golden hair and a pilot lost in the desert. O Principezinho has a Portuguese version and direction by João Duarte Costa. · Mariana Pacheco, Paulo Vintém, Joana Brito Silva, José Lobo and Diogo Bach This is a timeless story about love and friendship and about the importance of honesty and never failing to be amazed by the world around us, having touched several generations. The music, songs, actors, 3D virtual characters and video mapping visual effects create a spectacular and magical visual scenography that transports the audience to the fantastic world of O Principezinho. Source: https://teatromariamatos.pt/event/o-principezinho/

The Panda Festival is back and is getting ready to provide you and your whole family with another memorable festival, filled with lots of music, dance and joy. This year, the Panda Festival celebrates 15 years and to mark the date, the biggest children’s event in Portugal, will bring together your favorite characters in Oeiras, in a show entirely dedicated to the theme of “Friendship”. It’s going to be three fun-filled days, where Panda and his friends will celebrate the importance of friendship and show that, despite having some differences, we can all be friends. During these days, in addition to the stage shows, there will also be many animations and various activities available at the venue, which will guarantee you a very special day, full of joy. And of course, to make the Panda Festival even more unforgettable, you’ll be able to count on the presence of your favorite characters! Tickets are now on sale at the Online Ticket Office and at the usual places, with a discount guarantee until May 31. NOTE: Free admission for children up to 2 years old, provided they are accompanied by a paying adult. Children aged 3 years old already pay a ticket.

The rehearsal is the space for experimentation, creation and preparation of a show. It is a moment of great intimacy between the choreographer/rehearser and the dancers and where the shows that we bring to the scene are created. We challenge the public to get to know the work processes that are behind the development of CNB’s artistic creation. February 24 – program Cherkaoui/Ramalho (piece to be announced) March 16 – Cherkaoui/Ramalho program (request to be announced) April 13 – La Sylphide June 15th – This World and the Other 6th of July – to be announced M/6 Duration: 2 hours (approx.) Single price: 3€ _____ INFORMATION Camões Theater Ticket Office (see ticket office hours here). reserva.bilhetes@cnb.pt T (+351) 218 923 477 BOOKING FOR SCHOOLS Pre-book your school using the form. The Teatro Camões ticket office will then contact you.

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