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Visual Natures The Politics and Culture of Environmentalism in the 20th and 21st Centuries The result of more than two years of critical research in climate science, creative practices and ecopolitics, Naturezas Visuais is the continuation of the journey started in 2021 with the scientifically based installation Earth Bits – Sentir o Planeta and the public program Climate: Emergency. > Emergente, curated by maat’s first Climatic Collective. This research project studies the practices of collective action at the political, social and cultural level that, in the last hundred years, have been demonstrating how the transforming human understanding of “nature” – philosophical, biological and economic – is in the foundation of our communities’ ways of organizing, subsistence and governance as an expanding planetary model, both conceptually and practically. The resulting mapping makes a cross reading of four themes of study – artistic production and cultural events, technological innovations and scientific discoveries, social movements and reflections on global governance – which follows an approximate chronological order, from the 1950s to the 1950s. our days. To the challenge of the encyclopedic nature of the project, the presentation responds with the organization in three major linked themes – Deep Ecology (1950–1980), Planetary Complex (1990–2010) […]

Visit through the gardens of the EDP Foundation campus, a landscape project by Lebanese architect Vladimir Djurovic, which involves the pedestrian walkway between the Central and Maat buildings.


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