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HYPOCRISY + SEPTICFLESH “Worship European tour 2022” ➡️ 12 October | Hard Club | Harbor ➡️ 13 October | live Lisbon | Lisbon Support bands: The Agonist (Can) | Horizon Ignited (FIN) Tickets now available: Porto – https://bit.ly/3v3hBeW Lisbon – https://bit.ly/3DSg4fJ Porto and Lisbon – https://bit.ly/38oBxkM Swedish death metal legends HYPOCRISY rise again to sweep Europe like a storm and leave a trail of pure death metal devastation in 17 countries and 37 cities with the “WORSHIP European Tour 2022” tour taking place from September 30th and 12 November. Hypocrisy has 30 years of history, with 12 edited albums and hundreds of concerts performed all over the world and thousands of fans. This influential Swedish death metal band started from the will of Peter Tägtgren (Hypocrisy, The Abyss, PAIN, ex-Lindemann) who created the first demos alone, and upon receiving an offer from Nuclear Blast, invites musicians to form the band. Since then, they have achieved success with records and live performances, evolving musically and conceptually. Rich, heavy sound with catchy melodic riffs, dark lyrics and versatile vocal parts have become a hallmark style of the band. With the incredible discography from ‘Penetralia’ to the recent ‘Worship’, passing through legendary albums […]

JACOB BANKS WITH CONCERT IN PORTUGAL IN NOVEMBER Tickets: http://houseoffun.pt The soul and R&B star is back in Portugal for a concert in Lisbon, on November 24, at Lisboa ao Vivo. Ticket pre-sales from the 16th of March. Jacob Banks, the star of soul and R&B, is back in Portugal for a concert on stage at Lisboa ao Vivo, on November 24th. This time, the artist brings in his luggage a new album, For My Friends (released in 2021) and, later this year, the long-awaited Lies About the War is expected to be released, an album that Banks will release independently, through his publisher itself. Over the past few years, the Nigerian-born, Birmingham-raised singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist has won over fans and critics. “Unknown (To You)” is one of several examples of the artist’s success, which on Spotify alone has surpassed 45 million streams. His talent quickly transformed him into one of the names desired on the posters of some of the most prestigious festivals on the international circuit, as well as having in his portfolio numerous sold-out venues around the world and having seen several of his themes feature in series soundtracks , movies and games. This is the […]

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