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Prohibited: €7.5 5€ (Group students) Tickets available: https://zedosbois.bol.pt/ ⟡ At the end of the creation process – which went through several residencies, two of which with ZDB – came the long-awaited time for the premiere of THRESHOLD – the group piece in which Mariana Tengner Barros returns to dance – at the mysterious Ordem e Progresso Society. 3 dance the riddle of the Cromlech of Almendres. The creatures that they are dance in the fluidity of the matter of bodies. Instant legend of 3 cosmic bonfires. Dance draws the unspeakable, what can only be experienced, and only survives in the memory of those who witness it. Matter is something to be experienced, and 3 bodies flow through the timeless, invoking the absolute in the universal mother tongue: dance. Mariana Tengner Barros invites you to the threshold, between the visible and the invisible. Choreography of constantly changing emotions, where the performers’ bodies reveal long-dormant mysteries. …’THRESHOLD celebrates completely hybrid and androgynous bodies, operating at different times, mixing rhythms and emotions, different entities and beings, various peculiarities of the body in motion. This piece explores the ideas of processing and sharing information around the Cromlech of Almendres, the oldest known cromlech in […]

Admission: 3€ Tickets available online: https://zedosbois.bol.pt/ ⟡ ‘Alienating Resurrections’, a program by Daniel Schmidt Cinema cycle on the terrace June/July Wednesdays at 21:30 Session#2 WEDNESDAY 29 JUNE The Faun of the Mountains 1926 Manuel Luís Vieira (40min) (intertitles in PT and EN) Paris Qui Dort (The Crazy Ray) 1924 René Clair (67min) (intertitles in PT and EN) Total time 107min ~ The latest incarnation of an ongoing series of films about resurrections – a program by Daniel Schmidt (director of Diamantino and Palácios de Pena with Gabriel Abrantes). The five nights of screening take place at ZDB – a place close and dear to Daniel’s heart, and the home base for many of his favorite collaborations and collaborators. Every night, ZDB makes the most of its lovely rooftop cinema – pairing a Portuguese silent film with a foreign silent film or two. The films will be shown without music, with the soundtrack of the summer noises and silences of neighborhood life. For the past 15 years, my recurring dreams are those in which I find dead family members: people seemingly and repeatedly resurrected, but estranged from both themselves and me. I am left with conflicting feelings of happiness at being […]


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