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VALIDITY OF USE 15 days after purchase DISTRICT ATTORNEY Musicport – Musical Production and Entertainment Lda BRIEF INTRODUCTION ALL ON LINE Fernando Pereira & Friends The Inimitable Lord of Voices in his Seven Quintas A virtual, intimate and interactive show, where anything can happen. Now available on demand! In a unique and super fun musical journey, Fernando Pereira takes us through great themes and voices of all times, very well framed in healthy moments of humor and improvisation, many of which with people who interact virtually with the artist in virtual private rooms. Never-before-seen images and stories, coming out of your memory chest” are still the motto for several numbers and moments that make up the show. From Bruno Mars to António Variações, including Bon Jovi, José Cid, Pedro Abrunhosa or Ed Sheeran, everyone gives a little leg to Fernando Pereira’s lineup of voices and caricatures. More information at www.fernandopereira.pt PRICES Entrance – 5€

On Tuesdays, the Portuguese Music Museum holds two live music sessions with the Cascais and Oeiras Chamber Orchestra. The activity is guided by conductor Nikolay Lalov, who takes us along the paths of music history, introducing us to composers, musical instruments, different genres and styles and discovering the pleasure of listening carefully to music. Schools and Institutions | Preschool to secondary target audience and organized groups Free, registration and information: mmp@cm-cascais.pt | 214815904

We first saw Gabriel Bigliardi play Curious Monkey a few weeks ago during Another Side of Music. His music, his voice, his lyrics – they mesmerized the room and felt far beyond their 23 years. Wow. Come see the talents of this very skilled and emotionally evocative young musician in an intimate concert. He is a Brazilian singer-songwriter since his arrival in Portugal, he has been transforming parts of his life into song. Gabriel invests in an independent genre, slowly seeking to conquer his audience, with lyrics about growth, love and sadness. His Instagram is @gabrielbigliardi. We first saw Gabriel Bigliardi play at Curious Monkey a couple weeks ago during Another Side of Music. His music, his voice, his lyrics—they hypnotized the room and felt way beyond his 23 years. Wow. Come watch at an intimate concert the talents of this young very skilled and emotionally evocative musician. He is a Brazilian singer-songwriter who since his arrival in Portugal has been transforming parts of his life into song. Gabriel invests in an independent genre, slowly seeking to conquer his audience, with lyrics about growth, love and sadness. His instagram account is @gabrielbigliardi. Our concerts are based on donations. All donations […]

The Intercultural Ensemble project has the participation of several migrants and other interested people, and music is used as a universal language, regardless of the multiple languages present in the community. This initiative contributes not only to the well-being and leisure of migrants, but also to their social inclusion and personal development. This activity is part of the Municipal Plan for the Integration of Migrants, being promoted by the MusicÁlareira Association and with funding from the Fund for Asylum, Migration and Integration (FAMI). Info and registration: planomigrantes@cm-tvedras.pt | musicalareira@gmail.com Source: http://www.cm-tvedras.pt/agenda/details/126207

In November 2021, Sean Riley and The Legendary Tigerman resumed their journey together. Starting from where they had been in 2018 with California – an album recorded in motels during a road trip in the North American state – they are now returning to records with Andalusia. Initially pointing to Tangier – following the beat generation route – they wanted the contingencies and vicissitudes of the pandemic that, tired of waiting, got in the car and drove to the south of Spain. Passionate about the photography of an old fisherman’s hut, they headed to the coast and there they found the shelter where, once again, they improvised a studio in an unusual space. During three nights and three days they recorded this EP with their eyes set on the sea. The recording and production was once again in charge of Paulo Furtado (The Legendary Tigerman), who this time was also responsible for the arrangements and for all the additional instrumentation to the guitar and voice of Afonso Rodrigues (Sean Riley). Registered in a simple and naked way, Andalusia is a tribute to friendship and the love of music.

Dotorado Pro & Guests present the EP ‘ALL IN’ With: VYNS VALENTE BIG DA DON LUCKY MAN CLOVER Guest DJs: FOX BABY FUNA FOX Dotorado Pro is a DJ and Producer. The creator of the anthem “AFRICAN SCREAM (Marimbas)”, published in 2015 at ENCHUFADA, represents the best that is produced in Europe, on the fringes of afro house, beats and kuduro oriented to the dance floor. In a work in constant development, since that year he has produced several collaborative tracks, among them: “Toca DJ” with Mira King, “Na Batalha” with Branko, “Tímida” with Alcio Dance, among others. Still works for Realorbeatz or Laton. He has presented his work at numerous festivals and clubs from north to south of Portugal, and abroad: London, Switzerland, Italy, Belgium, Luxembourg and Spain. The most recent EP “All In” came out on the 1st of April 2022. This new project is composed of a surprising diversity, in a balance of hot rhythms divided into 6 tracks, each one rich in different sound ingredients.

Premiere of Animal Sentimental, Mísia’s new project. Feelings, that ineffable material that inspires poets and artists from so many other areas, are treasures that only weigh on the soul. Misia is well aware of this. This female artist, fado singer, singer, actress, storyteller of her own and others, is the first to admit that she is a sentimental animal The expression serves as the title of a new album, released worldwide on April 29, guided by herself and Wolf-Dieter Karwatky, an award-winning German producer who has worked with some of the biggest names in classical music, collected Grammys and added projects from success stamped by Deutsche Grammophon, a new chapter in an acclaimed career spanning three decades and with wide international recognition. This new project is part of an ambitious triptych: the disc; a book that, she guarantees, will be made up of poetic episodes and humorous and sentimental moments, of small tragedies of a long life path that goes back to childhood memories and which, from 1991 onwards, began to be fixed on increasingly successful records. and artistic ambition; and the concert, debuting at the Museu do Oriente, the opportunity to take all that – the stories and songs, […]

Alejandro Casona invites us to join the sophisticated Suicidal Club. It is a clinic specialized in offering the patient – a suicide candidate – a perfect death. Morbid? Not at all. The text fulfills the idea of a famous phrase by its author: “There is nothing so serious that it cannot be said with a smile”. Thus, this comedy – with refined and intelligent humor – de-dramatizes a taboo theme, summoning death to interrogate and honor life, because «Living is not just a right. It is above all a duty » Source: https://agendalx.pt/events/event/e-proibido-suicidar-se-na-primavera/

Democrash started in mid-2014 to play what they knew and felt like without being worried about the end result. Crossing rock with punk and funk, new wave/no wave, vintage electronics and white noise, performance and art punk, always leaving many edges unfinished in a combination of energy applied to instruments and microphones, giving its final sound a unfinished environment with a screaming explosive charge. Democrash’s themes are essentially about what is (or isn’t) art, fame, what makes yourself recognizable, rock clichés and rock stars and music critics. Its sound is also inspired by science fiction (Philip K. Dick), art brut and personality unfoldings… The tracks are raw and reminiscent of a half-rock, half-garage punk that smells like the 70s/80s. The energy and determination they put into the music that comes out of their body and mind is enhanced by what they manage to convey to the listener and taster, who suddenly feels invaded by a whirlwind of sensations that make him shake. In recent years they have played in some of the iconic venues on the Portuguese rock circuit, such as Sabotage Rock Club, Popular Alvalade and SMUP. They went through festivals such as the Gliding Barnacles festival, Festival Impulso, […]

ELBEREC presents: Laure Croft (Netherlands / Berlin) Jester Valody Laure Croft embraces the ‘keep it sexy’ principle. Of Dutch origin and living in Berlin, the DJ seeks in her nights to replicate the liberating experience of the powerful experiences that happen while we are on the dance floor. When we start stripping off items of clothing as energy levels and heat rise through our bodies. Her sets are a high-intensity, high-speed rush, composed of Techno that will drink through the mid-90s and 00s, catapulted into a futuristic vision through the tactics and precision of vinyl and uninhibited experimentation. Pre-sale: 10€ Door: 12€ 3cket: https://bit.ly/37TLMOm RA: https://ra.co/events/1530304 — *The online ticket office closes two hours before the show starts. Tickets will be available at the door, whenever the event’s capacity allows.

17:00-23:00 – Outdoor Concerts: Nina Miranda sings Smoke City D’Alva 11pm-6am – Club Gadutra presents ‘The Caterpillar’ rezgate Evaya Polyvalent Tom Cruising Tickets: https://bit.ly/3FSpMzJ The first SUPERLATIVO in partnership with Super Bock and SBSR fm takes place on the 28th of May at the Village Underground Lisboa. During the afternoon, outside, there will be a DJ set on the terrace, concerts by D’Alva, a band headed by Alex D’Alva Teixeira and Ben Monteiro, who bring to the stage their multicultural heritages from Africa, Brazil and Lisbon, catapulted via Pop renewed, energetic and colorful. Also Nina Miranda, Anglo-Brazilian singer who co-founded Smoke City. Band that created a very unique mix of trip-hop, electronics, samba and bossa-nova, with lyrics in Portuguese, English and French, having achieved enormous worldwide recognition with the sound of “Underwater Love”. With Smoke City, Nina released the albums Flying Away (1997) and Heroes of the Nature (2001). The singer has also been developing an exquisite solo career, full of collaborations with Basement Jaxx, Chico César, Nação Zumbi, Nitin Sawhney, Seu Jorge and many other artists. Nationally, she has collaborations with António Chainho, Beautify Junkyards and Daxuva. The night will continue at the club from 11 pm with the […]

On May 28, Casa Fernando Pessoa hosts Jazz & Poetry. It is a dialogue between music and poetry, in which poets read their poems and musicians improvise. This year, the poets Catarina Nunes de Almeida, Raquel Serejo Martins and Valério Romão participate. The guest musicians are Ana Isabel Dias (harp), Jean-Marc Charmier (trumpet) and Pedro Castello-Lopes (percussions). The program is in its 3rd edition and is designed and coordinated by Miguel Martins. Source: https://agendalx.pt/events/event/jazz-poesia/