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O País do Carnaval is the first novel by Jorge Amado (Prémio Camões 1994), published when he was just 18 years old, in 1931. A critical portrait of the festive and contradictory image of Brazil, from the point of view of the character Paulo Rigger, a tormented Brazilian by the existential restlessness that, after seven years in Paris, returns to a country with which he does not identify. Considered subversive, O País do Carnaval was among the books by Jorge Amado that were burned in a public square in Salvador, by order of the Estado Novo police, in 1937. Source: https://agendalx.pt/events/event/clube-de-leitura-da-bibl-orlando-ribeiro/

On May 28, Casa Fernando Pessoa hosts Jazz & Poetry. It is a dialogue between music and poetry, in which poets read their poems and musicians improvise. This year, the poets Catarina Nunes de Almeida, Raquel Serejo Martins and Valério Romão participate. The guest musicians are Ana Isabel Dias (harp), Jean-Marc Charmier (trumpet) and Pedro Castello-Lopes (percussions). The program is in its 3rd edition and is designed and coordinated by Miguel Martins. Source: https://agendalx.pt/events/event/jazz-poesia/