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Friday, from 19.00 to 20.30 Target audience M/16 years old Tenchi Tessen is an art of movement. Its purpose is to allow human beings to find harmony with themselves and with the world, between heaven (ten) and earth (chi). Created by Georges Stobbaerts, tenchi tessen can be compared to a hieratic dance, an art for the unity of the body, which is situated in the present moment, where the fan replaces the saber and confrontation gives way to conciliation. In collaboration with TenChi School TenChi International Association IN CASE OF WITHDRAWAL: There will be a refund of the total registration fee when the withdrawal is communicated up to 8 working days before the activity. After that date, reimbursement can only be considered if the place is filled or in situations of illness, accident, or other imponderables of force majeure, duly proven. If the activity does not take place due to lack of participants, or for any other reason, the registration fee will be refunded in full. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Educational Service Tel. 213 585 299 E-mail: servico.educativo@foriente.pt prices €30.00/participant/one lesson per week/month € 10.00| single class

– Team challenges – Aerobic and anaerobic training – Strength training (pulling, jumping and lifting) – Agility and endurance training – Calisthenics exercises (body weight) – Penalties with other types of exercises, for those who cannot perform the obstacle Additional information: Recipients M/12 (minors must be accompanied by an adult) Information phone: 261 819 200 email: mafrativa@cm-mafra.pt Source: https://www.cm-mafra.pt/pages/1150?event_id=1742

EVENT: Great Walks -Between the Mountains and the Sea – 25kms DATE OF ACHIEVEMENT: MAY 28, 2022 DESCRIPTION OF THE EVENT: Program In this event included in the circle of “Great Walks” we will travel through one of the most beautiful valleys in the Saloia region of Mafra, Vale do Arquitecto, with its different textures, landscapes and enchanting trails…..with a passage through Forte do Zambujal, and then we will go to the magnificent mouth of the river Lizandro, having the opportunity to walk along the coast to Praia de São Julião. This is without a doubt more on a hike tailored to great hikers, or another event not to be missed! Architect’s Valley: This is a hidden valley, at the gates of Mafra. To get there, we will have to follow the water line of the stream that takes us to an isolated and surprising chapel that was built in the 17th century. The winding access is rewarded by the natural beauty and silence of this magical place. The true origin of the Capela da N.ª Senhora do Arquiteto is not known but, according to legend, it is due to the promise of a fisherman who, when he was free […]