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Giovanni Baglione (1566-1643) was one of the fundamental painters of Roman painting at the beginning of the 17th century when the pontifical city, under Pope Borghese Paul V, confirmed itself as the artistic center of all Europe. Despite the bad reputation created for him in a famous process that opposed him to Caravaggio and the Caravagescians, in 1603, Baglione accumulated great orders, fame and honors such as those of Prince of the Academy of S. Lucas and Knight of Christ, and he was important not only for his painting but for the writings on art he published in 1639 and 1642. He worked on the decorations of the Vatican Library, the Lateran Palace, the Charterhouse of Naples and for the great churches of Rome, in an intense production of multiple influences. This St. John the Baptist, signed and dated 1610, takes up one of Baglione’s most cherished themes, who treated it repeatedly, almost always in a young model, exploring the human figure with a sculptural character of great monumentality. Source: https://agendalx.pt/events/event/o-belo-a-seducao-e-a-partilha-3/

Source: https://agendalx.pt/events/event/restaurar-o-passado/

A poet visits the House and chooses a play or a place to, from there, talk about his relationship with writing and with Fernando Pessoa. A video program conceived by Raquel Marinho, broadcast every other month on the social networks of Casa Fernando Pessoa. The first guest is Miguel-Manso, a poet with thirteen books published since 2008. His texts are part of a significant number of Portuguese and foreign anthologies and literary magazines. More information here Source: https://agendalx.pt/events/event/museu-infinito-2/

In the house where Fernando Pessoa lived, there is a new exhibition that brings together pieces about one of the best-known writers in Portuguese literature. Elements of the Casa’s mediation team open doors and create bridges to enter the fascinating universe of Pessoa and discover all the names that Pessoa used to sign his texts, the imaginary figures he created, the books he read and what life was like in the houses, Lisbon’s streets and cafés in the early years of the 20th century. Source: https://agendalx.pt/events/event/visitas-orientadas-a-casa-fernando-pessoa/

Curator: Bruno Marchand Mattia Denisse’s work is full of characters. Some are historical characters – they really existed and their biography or his work were, at some point, important to the artist. Others are purely fictional and result from his lucubrations. However, they each have his biography and, above all, occupy a specific place in a web of relationships from which one can make a transversal reading of Denisse’s creative universe. What we propose for this guided tour is, therefore, a conversation that, starting from the presentation of these characters, reveals the thread of the aforementioned web and can contribute to a renewed reading of the nexuses that link these figures to each other and all to the kaleidoscopic world of the artist. . Source: https://www.culturgest.pt/pt/programacao/mattia-denisse-visita-guiada/?