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Radio Antechamber The space we inhabit is not just built of walls. One of those spatial matters, which we don’t see but feel with the body and the head, is sound. Sound, which is also the place for words, is a fundamental dimension of architecture. By presenting this perceptive dimension of space, this exhibition explores the ways in which architecture constructs our everyday experience of space and the environment. The exhibition’s central component is a recording studio that, from February to September 2022, will host Rádio Antecâmara, a radio that broadcasts architecture and uses radio waves and digital circuits to question and expand notions of the city, fighting for making the city a heterogeneous place of encounter and discovery. In orbit around the performative and inhabited space of the studio, the contents of the exhibition will demonstrate how sound shapes our perception of space and that the matter of buildings is not always visible. Curators Alessia Allegri and Pedro Campos Costa Source: https://www.ccb.pt/evento/radio-antecamara-espacos-sonoros/2022-03-08/

Tony Conrad (Concord, New Hampshire, USA, 1940 – Cheektowaga, New York, 2016) was one of the biggest names in experimentalism in Western art in the last fifty years. His work covers areas as diverse as music, installation, painting or cinema, and his works are critical and humorous responses to the most varied normative aspects of culture. For this exhibition, included in a tour whose last appearance took place at MAMCO, in Geneva, several of his most important works were brought together, including the Yellow Movies (1972-73) or the installations Panopticon (1988) and WiP (2013). , but also a set of the “acoustic tools” he invented and some of the works in which he wanted to dissect the functioning of contemporary media and institutions. The historic The Flicker (1966) will also be present in this anthology, with two presentations of this landmark of structuralist cinema being planned in the auditoriums of Culturgest. Throughout his public career, Conrad’s works have been shown in exhibitions at the Museum of Modern Art, Tate Modern, L.A. Museum of Contemporary Art, Whitney Museum of American Art, Documenta or the Venice Biennale. This is the first exhibition of this unavoidable figure of contemporaneity in our country. Source: […]

Strangeness first and curiosity later: these were the ingredients that allowed the intercultural dialogue that gave rise to the introduction of original iconographic themes and repertoires that are reflected in the works of art present in the Portuguese Presence Exhibition in Asia. Thus, objects from India, produced from European models, but with local techniques and raw materials – to initially satisfy an ecclesiastical clientele and, later, orders from European noble and bourgeois elites – are manifested here in the liturgical implements, textiles, jewellery, furniture, ivory objects, safes, counters, revealing the symbolism and symbiosis of the two cultures. The same happened in Japan, where the contacts established between the Japanese and the first Portuguese, gave rise to a unique artistic manifestation known as “namban art” of which the screens, counters, oratories, helmet and stirrups are eloquent examples. The great fascination exercised by Chinese and Japanese cultures, since the 16th century, remained until the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century, with Portuguese intellectuals Camilo Pessanha and Manuel Teixeira Gomes, who became reference figures in the art of collecting. By collecting iconic objects from these cultures – such as scroll paintings, Chinese painting albums, costumes, objects for scholars, Chinese snuff […]

Visual Natures The Politics and Culture of Environmentalism in the 20th and 21st Centuries The result of more than two years of critical research in climate science, creative practices and ecopolitics, Naturezas Visuais is the continuation of the journey started in 2021 with the scientifically based installation Earth Bits – Sentir o Planeta and the public program Climate: Emergency. > Emergente, curated by maat’s first Climatic Collective. This research project studies the practices of collective action at the political, social and cultural level that, in the last hundred years, have been demonstrating how the transforming human understanding of “nature” – philosophical, biological and economic – is in the foundation of our communities’ ways of organizing, subsistence and governance as an expanding planetary model, both conceptually and practically. The resulting mapping makes a cross reading of four themes of study – artistic production and cultural events, technological innovations and scientific discoveries, social movements and reflections on global governance – which follows an approximate chronological order, from the 1950s to the 1950s. our days. To the challenge of the encyclopedic nature of the project, the presentation responds with the organization in three major linked themes – Deep Ecology (1950–1980), Planetary Complex (1990–2010) […]

Visit through the gardens of the EDP Foundation campus, a landscape project by Lebanese architect Vladimir Djurovic, which involves the pedestrian walkway between the Central and Maat buildings.

In Ancient Greece, scientists/mathematicians were dedicated to the study of Geometry to understand the world. They measured the mountains, counted the stars and calculated distances, creating forms and formulas to apply and conquer. the knowledge of the Universe. Art also uses Mathematics, both in form and in colors and materials. On this visit we will explore the contemporary work of art through the logic of Mathematics.

Friday, from 19.00 to 20.30 Target audience M/16 years old Tenchi Tessen is an art of movement. Its purpose is to allow human beings to find harmony with themselves and with the world, between heaven (ten) and earth (chi). Created by Georges Stobbaerts, tenchi tessen can be compared to a hieratic dance, an art for the unity of the body, which is situated in the present moment, where the fan replaces the saber and confrontation gives way to conciliation. In collaboration with TenChi School TenChi International Association IN CASE OF WITHDRAWAL: There will be a refund of the total registration fee when the withdrawal is communicated up to 8 working days before the activity. After that date, reimbursement can only be considered if the place is filled or in situations of illness, accident, or other imponderables of force majeure, duly proven. If the activity does not take place due to lack of participants, or for any other reason, the registration fee will be refunded in full. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Educational Service Tel. 213 585 299 E-mail: servico.educativo@foriente.pt prices €30.00/participant/one lesson per week/month € 10.00| single class

Brief introduction ACCESS TO TRINITY – SAFETY RECOMMENDATIONS The safety standards for public access to Teatro da Trindade INATEL meet the guidelines of the DGS: – The seats in cabins and friezes can be purchased in their entirety, only by cohabitants. – There are specific accesses to the ticket office and the interior of the Theater, duly identified with signs for this purpose – The safety distance must be respected inside the Theater – It is mandatory to wear a mask inside the building and throughout the show. – Hand hygiene is recommended at the disinfectant gel stations available, before entering the concert hall – The audience leaves according to the instructions of the room assistants – There is no cafeteria service – The rooms and respective places are sanitized before the public entry Synopsis In the original Present Laughter, this comedy, written in 1939, celebrates the legendary free spirit of playwright Noël Coward. Widely regarded as the author’s most autobiographical play, it premiered in 1942, performed by the author himself. Guilherme de Andrade is a famous actor with a vast legion of fans, who, attracted by his charm and charisma, turn their home into true chaos. In the week […]

Brief introduction With Patricia Trindade Our actions, the way we live, our day-to-day decisions are also a way of triggering change throughout the world. The maat is a museum that aims to spark thought and debate on climate and ecology issues. This is a workshop for eco-warriors! Let’s think and talk about the preservation of our planet, discover our causes and take action! Facing challenges posed by the different exhibitions of the Museum, we will activate our ideas through the visual arts. Additional Information 3rd Sunday of each month 16.00 7 to 13 years duration: 2 hours

Brief introduction With José Santos In this adventure, you will discover the DIA! In a track game you will have to use your imagination, your intuition, your hands and your feet to overcome the proposed challenges and puzzles. Ready to embark on a surprising universe of experiences and sensations! Additional Information 4th Saturday of each month 4:00 pm From 4 to 8 years old Duration 2h

Brief introduction In a thematic tour through the museum’s gardens, tailored to different audiences, the participant is challenged to dialogue with biodiversity and the coexistence between species, in a logic of knowing in order to interpret and enrich the relationship with art and nature. Additional Information with Maribel Sobreira Audience: for all ages Duration: 60 minutes

VALIDITY OF USE 15 days after purchase DISTRICT ATTORNEY Musicport – Musical Production and Entertainment Lda BRIEF INTRODUCTION ALL ON LINE Fernando Pereira & Friends The Inimitable Lord of Voices in his Seven Quintas A virtual, intimate and interactive show, where anything can happen. Now available on demand! In a unique and super fun musical journey, Fernando Pereira takes us through great themes and voices of all times, very well framed in healthy moments of humor and improvisation, many of which with people who interact virtually with the artist in virtual private rooms. Never-before-seen images and stories, coming out of your memory chest” are still the motto for several numbers and moments that make up the show. From Bruno Mars to António Variações, including Bon Jovi, José Cid, Pedro Abrunhosa or Ed Sheeran, everyone gives a little leg to Fernando Pereira’s lineup of voices and caricatures. More information at www.fernandopereira.pt PRICES Entrance – 5€