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If you’ve ever traveled to the sunny Algarve, in the south of Portugal, you might have had a chance to see the bustling Live Music scene they’ve got going on, with thousands of bars catering to the whopping 22 million tourists who visit it annually. We caught up with The Guinness Brothers, Colm and Roddy. They have both been playing different genres of music from a very young age, in various bands. Colm has been playing professionally from the age of 16, and Roddy from the age of 18. Music has taken this duo around the world, having played all over Europe, America and even Asia. Roddy tells us how the band got started, “Funny story, I met Colm when I was 17, after coming back from the Netherlands, while recording a video with a friend in Old town Albufeira, turns out Colm had a company that needed videographers, and I had a camera. So after a couple of beers and some talking I was hired and working for a company that worked with musicians from all over the world.” “After a while I became Colm’s “Roadie”, and eventually weaseled my way into playing guitar with him at one of […]

Heritage on Sunday – National Lottery Extraction Room guided tour On Sundays it is possible to learn more about the historical and artistic heritage of Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Lisboa, in the context of a guided tour. Installed in one of the 17th century courtyards of Casa Professa de São Roque, the National Lottery Extraction Room was designed in the early 20th century by Adães Bermudes. It is there that, since 1903, luck “walks around”, in compliance with the decree approved in 1783 by D. Maria I, granting the Institution the operation of the Lottery and thus ensuring that Mercy reached those who needed it most. Meeting point: Museum of São Roque Free participation by appointment. Max. 15 participants. Participation by complying with the standards required by the Directorate-General for Health Appointments/Information Public Service and Cultural Development SCML Culture Directorate Phone: 21 324 08 69/87/89 E-mail: culturesantacasa@scml.pt

WOW ANNOUNCEMENT Despite all the efforts made to make this show take place in 2021 at the Tivoli BBVA Theater and Coliseu Porto AGEAS, UAU is forced to postpone it to 2022 given the current situation. We thank the public in advance for staying on our side, at a time when everyone is trying to do their best. Anyone wishing to attend the show in 2022 will only have to go to the respective place of purchase and request a ticket exchange until March 7, 2021 (if you have a ticket for the Coliseu Porto AGEAS, the ticket remains valid for the new session, not being necessary to change). In case of online purchase, you will only have to reply to the email received from TicketLine, with the desired session, so that you can receive your new tickets. We apologize for any inconvenience and thank you once again. WOW Irish Celtic is a Pub in Cork, Ireland. Its history dates back to the beginning of time, and its interior contains legends and objects that testify to the history of the Emerald Isle, from the time of the Druids to the migration of the 19th century. Run by Paddy Flynn for […]

Rui de Luna welcomes the new year with a show entirely dedicated to the theme of the sea, the diaspora and Portuguese culture. In an unlikely relationship between the Mozartian voice of the baritone and some of the greatest themes of Portuguese music, from Trovante to Xutos and Pontapés, including Madredeus, Rodrigo Leão, Amor Electro or Alain Oulman, Portuguese poets such as Camões, Fernando Pessoa, Florbela Espanca or Pedro Homem de Mello. Great themes that are part of the Portuguese musical heritage, with arrangement by the musician Pedro Pires for the voice of Rui de Luna, who is accompanied in this concert by Banda da Armada, directed by maestro Délio Gonçalves. The young guitarist Francisco Pereira will be the guest musician. Source: https://agendalx.pt/events/event/rui-de-luna-com-banda-da-armada/

New Music Blind Date This concert will be a tribute to the work and thought of José Saramago, in the celebration of the 100th anniversary of his birth, through the performative fusion of the Vertixe Sonora Ensemble, which includes outstanding contemporary music soloists from Galicia and Portugal, and the Ensemble New Babylon, from Bremen (Germany). Fourteen musicians, seven from the New Babylon Ensemble and another seven from the Vertixe Sonora Ensemble, conducted by Portuguese conductor Pedro Figueiredo, will present in world premiere three pieces by Alexander F. Müller (Germany), Ramón Souto (Spain) and Ângela da Ponte (Portugal). ). “If I have eyes again, I will truly look into the eyes of others, as if I were seeing their soul” José Saramago, Essay on Blindness Masterfully anticipating the current COVID-19 pandemic in his book Ensaio sobre a Cegueira, José Saramago traces a disturbing parable of today’s society: the sudden emergence and inexplicable nature of an instantaneous blindness pandemic causes widespread panic and quickly unravels social order while illness transcends a meaning that goes beyond physical reality. According to the recent Guidelines of the Directorate-General for Health, for access to cultural events, from the age of 12, the presentation of one of […]

apap – Feminist Futures is a network created by 11 institutions from 11 countries, which share the idea that art can initiate powerful social changes. This is a project that aims to address inequality in contemporary performing arts, using Intersectional Feminism to find concrete structural answers and foster greater public awareness of different themes. Feminist Futures is an innovative project whose vehicle is a multiplicity of artistic creations capable of inspiring a positive vision of the future. The Feminist Futures Festival is made up of a set of multiple engagements, each one conceived, financed, realized and presented jointly by two or more partner institutions. Shows integrated into the Feminist Futures Festival Aurora Negra by Cleo Diara, Isabél Zuaa, Nádia Yracema 24 – 25 Jan > Mon – Tue, 7pm Earth Nullius by Paula Diogo 24, 28 and 29 Jan > Mon, Fri and Sat, 5pm Permanent Destruction – The SK Concert by Naomi Velissariou Jan 25 > Tue, 9pm Hopeless. by Sergiu Matis 27 Jan > Thu, 9pm Same Same & Different by Agata Maszkiewicz 28 – 29 Jan > Fri – Sat, 7pm Spare Time Work from buren 29 Jan > Sat, 9pm African Lisbon Tour visit with Naky […]

Studio room A show that is born from the realization of the invisibility black bodies are subjected in the performing arts. In Aurora Negra, the song begins in the voice of a woman who speaks. She speaks Creole. She speaks Tchokwe. She speaks Portuguese. Then, on stage, three women also speak these three languages from their position as foreigners. In each woman, an essence, personality and trajectory intersect with the certainty that nothing will ever be the same again. In this Aurora Negra, they search for the deepest roots of their cultures, celebrating their legacy and projecting a path where they assert themselves as protagonists of their own stories. Show spoken in Portuguese, with English subtitles. Show integrated in the Feminist Futures Festival. More information, here. Source: https://www.tndm.pt/pt/espetaculos/aurora-negra-1569/

Monday, the 24th, another great Quiz Night at Apple House. The questions are general knowledge, passing through the various topics: Geography, History, Science, Art, Entertainment, Sport and much more. Come put your knowledge to the test and solve the various challenges. A night well spent and fun guaranteed! Registration: €1.50/person; Teams up to 6 elements; Multiple prizes at stake. Reserve your spot by private message or 21 797 5575 / 916 475 896

Salvador Sobral presents his latest studio album. With a worldwide release in May 2021, “bpm” marks the first time that Salvador Sobral has ventured into editing an album composed entirely of originals of his own, in partnership with Leo Aldrey, who is also responsible for the production of the album. “sangue do meu blood”, “paint the town” and “applause inside” were the singles extracted from a set of 14 unreleased songs that are already on the radio and on digital platforms. Special concert for video recording. Salvador Sobral Voice André Rosinha Double bass André Santos Guitar Bruno Pedroso Drums Max Agnas Piano Source: https://teatromariamatos.pt/event/salvador-sobral-bpm-especial-gravacao-video/

National Museum of Ancient Art and the Gaudium Magnum Foundation – Maria and João Cortez de Lobão exhibit a new work as part of the joint museographic project O Belo, a Sedutor e a Partilha. The new work – an oil on canvas by Luigi Miradori, called Il Genovesino (Genoa c. 1605 – Cremona 1656) representing the Martyrdom of Saint John Damasceno and dating from 1645-50 – will, like the previous one, be on display at the Galeria de European Painting, in a space dedicated to the program. The work Martírio de São João Damasceno by Luigi Miradori belongs to the most creative phase of this painter and to a time when the influence of Spanish painting was felt throughout the Lombardy region. Source: https://agendalx.pt/events/event/o-belo-a-seducao-e-a-partilha-2/

The affirmation of modernist values ​​in photography is one of the features that distinguish Silva Nogueira’s work from the 1920s and 1930s, as the 26 photographic portraits in this exhibition prove. Through this set of images we can explore the dimensions of a quadruple modernity. Firstly, we witness the profound aesthetic change of portraiture, incorporating novelties from cinema, such as close-up or light effects. Secondly, we perceive the transformation that took place in national theatre, both in repertoire theater and in Revista à Portuguesa, with a marked cosmopolitan influence, especially in the visual dimension. Thirdly, we witnessed the wide dissemination of these images in the new illustrated magazines, managing to make the new taste reach broad fringes of the public. Finally, these images reveal an emancipation and empowerment of women with an unusual role on stage, assuming their own body as a modern aesthetic, with a performative dimension. Source: https://agendalx.pt/events/event/corpos-modernos-do-palco/