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National Museum of Ancient Art and the Gaudium Magnum Foundation – Maria and João Cortez de Lobão exhibit a new work as part of the joint museographic project O Belo, a Sedutor e a Partilha. The new work – an oil on canvas by Luigi Miradori, called Il Genovesino (Genoa c. 1605 – Cremona 1656) representing the Martyrdom of Saint John Damasceno and dating from 1645-50 – will, like the previous one, be on display at the Galeria de European Painting, in a space dedicated to the program. The work Martírio de São João Damasceno by Luigi Miradori belongs to the most creative phase of this painter and to a time when the influence of Spanish painting was felt throughout the Lombardy region. Source: https://agendalx.pt/events/event/o-belo-a-seducao-e-a-partilha-2/

The affirmation of modernist values ​​in photography is one of the features that distinguish Silva Nogueira’s work from the 1920s and 1930s, as the 26 photographic portraits in this exhibition prove. Through this set of images we can explore the dimensions of a quadruple modernity. Firstly, we witness the profound aesthetic change of portraiture, incorporating novelties from cinema, such as close-up or light effects. Secondly, we perceive the transformation that took place in national theatre, both in repertoire theater and in Revista à Portuguesa, with a marked cosmopolitan influence, especially in the visual dimension. Thirdly, we witnessed the wide dissemination of these images in the new illustrated magazines, managing to make the new taste reach broad fringes of the public. Finally, these images reveal an emancipation and empowerment of women with an unusual role on stage, assuming their own body as a modern aesthetic, with a performative dimension. Source: https://agendalx.pt/events/event/corpos-modernos-do-palco/

MU.SA – Museu das Artes de Sintra hosts the group painting exhibition “Metamorfoses” by Claus Von Oertzen, Brigitte Von Humboldt, Kerstin Wagner, Vera Christians, Jutta Mertens-Kammler, from March 4 to April 17. Entrance to this municipal museum is free. “Creating a work of art is a transformation (= metamorphosis) of the artist’s ideas and emotions, of his own style through the wide variety of materials and techniques he uses. But the main source of every creation is Inspiration. The work of many artists, in the most varied styles, has always been inspired by one of Ovidio’s most famous works, the poem Metamorphoses, considered the poet’s masterpiece, which tells us about a world in constant mutation”, Vera Christians . With free admission, this exhibition brings together five artists of Germanic nationality for a tribute to these ancient myths. Source: https://cm-sintra.pt/atualidade/agenda/923-metamorfoses-em-exibicao-no-museu-das-artes-de-sintra

The Municipality of Sintra promotes, at MU.SA – Museu das Artes de Sintra, the Exhibition “Continuous Movement”, open from March 4th to April 17th. Filipe Romão’s exhibition entitled “Continuous Movement”, brings together a set of drawings that result from a process of aesthetic investigation sustained by a personal intensity simultaneously with the intensity of the world. The artist, Filipe Romão, is based on the creation of an imagery that enhances the poetics of Nature through silence, melancholy, stillness, light and shadow. The MU.SA- Sintra Arts Museum essentially promotes the enjoyment and understanding of contemporary art and culture and, at the same time, the strengthening of ties with the local community. Free entrance. Source: https://cm-sintra.pt/atualidade/agenda/941-movimento-continuo-de-filipe-romao-para-know-no-mu-sa

The Municipality of Sintra presents, at MU.SA – Museu das Artes de Sintra, the sculpture exhibition “ta.ber.ná.cu.lo” by Tito Chambino, which will be on display from March 4th to April 17th. Born in Castelo Branco and after visiting Lisbon, where Tito Chambino graduated in Painting at the Faculty of Fine Arts, there have been several solo and group exhibitions over the last four years. Source: https://cm-sintra.pt/atualidade/agenda/942-exposicao-de-escultura-ta-ber-na-cu-lo-em-sintra

The Municipal Library hosts this exhibition during the month of March, as part of a partnership between the José Saramago Foundation, the Camões Institute and the Directorate-General for Books, Archives and Libraries. The exhibition consists of a set of panels designed according to the personal and literary path of José Saramago. It is a “journey” oriented towards the reading and re-reading of Saramago, as suggested by a step from Viagem a Portugal: “It is necessary to go back to the steps that were taken, to repeat and to trace new paths alongside them.” The exhibition is intended for dissemination and pedagogical guidance, aimed at a wide audience. ———– Irene Lisbon Municipal Library (BMI) Rua Cândido dos Reis, nº69 2630-233 Arruda dos Vinhos Tel: 263977008 library@cm-arruda.pt Monday to Friday: 9:00 am – 12:30 pm | 14:00 – 17:00

Radio Antechamber The space we inhabit is not just built of walls. One of those spatial matters, which we don’t see but feel with the body and the head, is sound. Sound, which is also the place for words, is a fundamental dimension of architecture. By presenting this perceptive dimension of space, this exhibition explores the ways in which architecture constructs our everyday experience of space and the environment. The exhibition’s central component is a recording studio that, from February to September 2022, will host Rádio Antecâmara, a radio that broadcasts architecture and uses radio waves and digital circuits to question and expand notions of the city, fighting for making the city a heterogeneous place of encounter and discovery. In orbit around the performative and inhabited space of the studio, the contents of the exhibition will demonstrate how sound shapes our perception of space and that the matter of buildings is not always visible. Curators Alessia Allegri and Pedro Campos Costa Source: https://www.ccb.pt/evento/radio-antecamara-espacos-sonoros/2022-03-08/

PENUMBRA, by Bruna Carvalho Belém Cultural Center | black box 9 and 10 March | 21:00 Approximate duration 45 min. As part of the Gaivotas Belém festival, a performing arts show ================================== “Penumbra is a solo composition that explores the crystallization of images in the realm of pure light and shadow. In it, one asks what to build from the impossibility of observing and listening to the body in its entirety as an external element and in what way it is possible work on the potential of light in our perception of the world. In a process of choreographic work, sound design and light design without a hierarchical relationship, light operates as a motto for figurative sequences, inscribing the movement of the body in a perennial relationship with the shadow, which proposes a joint poetics of what is not properly defined. or closed by nature, it just appears or projects between light and shadow: Penumbra.” ================================== Creation and Interpretation | Bruna Carvalho Music | Bruna Carvalho Light Drawing | Zeca Iglesias and Bruna Carvalho Technical Direction | Zeca Iglesias Scenery and Costume | Bruna Carvalho Production | Bruna Carvalho and Hugo Barros Co-production residency | The Space of Time Textual […]

Time and the «I» – In Search of Lost Time Marcel Proust’s monumental work, considered one of the most important of all time, has been studied, evaluated, dissected by countless experts and enthusiastic readers. It is possible that everything has already been said about this cult book, divided into seven volumes, three of which were published posthumously. We know that Proust carefully (and exuberantly) recreated the past through the power of memory. Simultaneously, in a stroke of genius, he transformed life into Art, creating an inimitable aesthetic. Harold Bloom, in his Western Canon, refers to In Search of Lost Time as “the true persuasion of sexual jealousy” and there is no doubt that this overwhelming feeling runs through the entire work. But we cannot restrict the analysis to jealousy and nostalgia, since the author includes, in his densely woven web, references to philosophy, sociology, art, music, customs, sexuality, politics and, above all, to a revolutionary idea of ​​Time. All these areas, and many more, are the object of reflection throughout the narrative, which makes Em Busca do Tempo Perdido a novel that has no end. A large number of characters correspond to figures of the time and the events subtly […]

The band from Baltimore, one of the biggest names in the current North American alternative scene, arrives at Campo Pequeno on March 10, 2022. Future Islands is a band whose brilliance has always been hidden in plain sight. ‘Seasons (Waiting On You)’ is the song that may have catapulted them to worldwide recognition, but the band just did what they always did – music created with body and soul, with a mission to spread love and hope through art. . Long, hard years on the road and the feeling of being in constant motion have shaped the band in many ways, both spiritually and physically. Always on the way out and with no arrival forecast, on a horizon where the destination is never reached, this is where the new album, “As Long As You Are”, released in October of last year, comes in, with songs like ‘Moonlight’, ‘ For Sure’ or Thrills, which is, by the NME, the most moving ballad T. Herring has ever written. Eager to be with the public again, the American band is getting ready to bring to the stage all the energy and determination that is characteristic of them, in Campo Pequeno, on March 10, […]

Released in July of last year by the increasingly active Phonogram Unit, ‘Thoughts Are Things’, an album that brought together José Lencastre’s Nau Quartet and percussionist Pedro Carneiro, had not yet had the honors of performing in a public space. A gap has now finally been filled with this appearance in the Aquarius. Angry. Piece of accurate movements on the board of classical and contemporary composition – guest soloist in several orchestras, monograph by Xenakis recordings at ECM, artistic director and conductor of the Portuguese Chamber Orchestra, a CV of respect – Carneiro has been getting involved in recent times. more and more often in fields related to jazz – ‘Kinetic Études’ with Rodrigo Pinheiro or ‘Bad Company’ with Pedro Melo Alves – bringing all his mastery of the marimba to the free and fluid speech of the quartet. Led by saxophonist José Lencastre, the Nau Quartet has already had a few years of discreet but courageous shooting, with four albums in existence and more or less irregular appearances given the busy lives of its members. All hardened people in the plots of jazz and improvisation. Hernâni Faustino is a recurring presence on this stage and with good reason: a […]

Schools: March 11, 16, 17 and 18: 10:30 am families March 12, 13, 19 and 20: 4:30 pm To be classified by CCE Target audience: From 9 years old Duration: 50 min. Eu Cá, Tu Lá is a listening initiation piece. One listens to the other. But also about the difficulties in expressing ourselves and making ourselves understood. We will address the need to relearn everything we think we already know. Starting from the universe of interviews carried out with children in different places in mainland Portugal and the Islands, this piece is interested in the process of identity creation. Focusing on language, on ways of speaking and also on how I define myself in relation to the other through what I say. It is precisely on this border that exists between the intimate space of (me, here) and in contact with the other (you, there) that this piece is born. Behind a “word” there is always a person, who uses this linguistic mechanism, in a gesture of approximation. Creation: Nuno Lucas Interpretation: Joana Brandão and Paulo Quedas Dramaturgical support: Joris Lacoste and Isabel Meira Light design: Hugo Coelho Sound design: Aurélien Vieira Lino Photography: Pauliana Valente Pimentel Production: O […]